Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my moka

Every morning I stumble out of the shower - throw on some clothes, empty out my Moka coffee pot of yesterdays grounds, go outside if it isn't raining and chuck the grounds onto one of my plant pots. ( I will get a composter soon ). Then I wash it out, fill it up - currently with a very mellow NY style half caffine fairtrade version from Marks & Spencer (£2.25 a bag) and put it on my gas stove. The lowest heat. While it percolates through, I tackle the the washing up by hand. Then if its good weather I go outside with my coffee and sit on my bench under my cherry tree and a notebook and sip coffee and write my 'morning pages'. Its total luxury and costs me probably between 30-40p a day.
In 2000 I moved into this house and away from flatmates I vowed to never drink 'unreal coffee' again. And I have never bought instant coffee over the threshhold - as god is my witness... Occasionally I've fallen and been so broke I've not bought fairtrade. (IKEA does £1 bags of coffee and Lidle does 100g tins for £1.29). But as luxury's go its pretty cheap.
Coco Chanel said that 'Luxury is a necessity which begins were necessity ends' - mind you she was in the business of selling very expensive perfume.
But part of the luxury of the real cup of coffee is the time to have it. Allow it to percolate up - the lovely sound it makes - the time to sniff the aroma and finally the time to sit down and drink out of a favourite mug.
You might be allergic to caffine or loathe the taste but its worth thinking about what is the one thing that really adds to your life which is worth not compromising on. What is your luxury which begins were necessity ends?


helena said...

I've got a few, but most of them I squeeze under the subheadings of "value for money" - guerlain make- up (mascara that smells of violets is the most decadent thing!)and 400 count sheets (last forever!), or "good for me" (pink grapefruit out of season) or "necessary for work (costume jewellery, clothes, books etc..).

I think the only thing that I would call a luxury is...do you know I can't think of one thing I'd consider a luxury because I count everything that makes me feel good or special as a necessity!

helena said...

oh dear...that makes me incredibly self-centred!! Self indulgence (and self-justification) will just have to be my luxuries then!

Anonymous said...

not at all ! I was having an arguement in my head today. Someone I know has a birthday tomorrow. She's had a not so good few years. I remembered - phew ! and bought a quite expensive card - one with a badge on it. Sent it off first class so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow. However... I really struggled as I thought about sending her a rather nice set of lavender bath stuff and soap I was given for my birthday as I'm waiting to be paid on Friday etc etc. Then I thought 'no !' I'm undervaluing myself when I just as much deserve lavender soap. I do this a lot and often don't catch myself doing it. (I will send her a belated b'day present from Lush later).

Sounds like your luxuries have become necessities!


caireen said...

I love a coffee at home with no other agenda too. On the back garden bench also if the weather is good. Just bought a wee whizzy thing from Ikea for 99p that froths milk, so have the cappuccino option. Best coffee without going 'out'. One bag of good coffee is same as a coffee out, and you must get 20 or so cups! I like to coffee and blog at same time.

Anonymous said...

love this post. I am also a great fan of my little moka, a gift from a long time ago which has travelled with me... I think indeed the whole ritual is very soothing: cleaning it, filling it, waiting for it to heat and the magical moment when the first drops come out...
I like this simple pleasure of life! Enjoy your coffee!