Friday, November 03, 2006

Autumn pleasures

Its suddenly gone rather cold here. Luckily yesterday I began a frantic clear out where I found my pink cashmere gloves.

I made soup from scratch. Lidle has half price veg this month. I am becoming a Lidle bore.

Autumn soup
fry one onion, chop a carrot and fry. Then put in a packet of cooked beetroot, one large potatoe, one tin of tinned tomatoes, one tin of butter beans, add some dried ginger and a spot of chili. Sloosh some water in.. Cook, food process about 3/4 of soup and serve with homemade bread.

Home made bread
500g of bread flour, one table spoon of sugar, a pinch of salt, one teaspoon of yeast, 250 g of luke warm water, one table spoon of olive oil, one egg. Mix and knead for 6 mins. Oil and leave to rise under cloth. When doubled in size knead in sunflower seeds ( a generous amount) then shape into round shape and bake about 30 mins at gas mark 6.

Finally the Archers has at last got some interesting story lines, adultery! gay marriage!

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