Sunday, September 30, 2007

too much not enough should etc etc

Yikkes I've been ill since last Thursday. I won't go into the detials but I've had to cancell 3 social events over the weekend. And I'm getting impatient 'I should be feeling better by now' 'How long is this going to take' and fretting about all the undone things which should have been done this weekend.

I'm relearning patience over and over again. I'm such a slow learner...

Monday, September 24, 2007

John Bellany

I've been meaning to write about him for months ever since I saw Jen Gray's post about meeting him in Italy.

My mother was at art college with him. Very hard working she said. Some of her fellow students were terrible wasters....

Many years later some family friends who had also been at art college with him fell on hard times and had to move to the country and downsize into a small cottage.What to do with the JohnBellany they had bought from him at his degree showing? They hoped to sell it but in the meanwhile my parents stored it for them and for about 8 years it hung in my parents hallway. A picture all in ochres of his grandmother on a boat gutting fish. He grew up in a fishing village outside Edinburgh. A huge picture 6' x 4'. I'm not a fan of Bellany's work but that picture grew into me. Eventually despite trying very hard to get the Modern Art Gallery to buy it the friends sold it to a private corporate collection in the City of London. It probably sits opposite a hedge fund manager. And it explains why I was unable to find an image of it on Google.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mixed weekend.

Yesterday ill and in bed all day shivering. Tired and missed two potientially lovely social events as a result. Damn!

Today left house at 11am went up to Broughton St and decided to treat myself to brunch out. The first cafe I went to was packed to walked down the street found one almost empty. It was great ! I settled in with a cooked breakfast, cappachino, wrote postcards to my friends (they will be posted tomorrow look out in your post!), wrote in my journal, read and watched the world go by.

I came home, to find my mother directing my lodger to cut my hedge, she then started bossing me about the painted trim to my window sills.She thinks I should paint them white. I think I should make them striped to match my shed. After she left I shopped.

Anyway I feel much more energised to do the things I have to do after giving myself the gift of a parcel of pleasure just for myself. I find rewards don't work. The other way round does.

Other things I've noticed - on Thursday I had to meet someone I'd never met before (but corresponded with via email for many years) go to the next city, met a friend, then met two other friends in the evening went for a guided walk for an hour and a half then got the train back home another hour. I was home at 10 pm after intensely rushing about for over 12 hours. Then I rememberd my life before ME - my days were like this all the time.Boy have things changed.
Cool blog on doing things imperfectly here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Armenian Rug shop in Dundas st

Its a bit gray and gloomy here today and I wanted to post something bright and cheerful but my photos seem to militate against that.

Made some important decisions in head. Things to let go of etc.Then met two friends to See Run Fatboy Run last night - a belated birthday celebration. They took me out to dinner afterwards, half a bottle of wine and tiramisu with candles! I was very touched.

Today been lazing about motivation at an all time low but about to leave to see the red haired peril aka neice.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheap and cool photos a great article via Harrumph

check out Gaping Void's interesting post on cartooning.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Oli & Tom in the meeting room. Just reading Letting Go of the Camera by Brooks Jensen. Great short essays about the art of being a photographer. I'm still learning the art of separating myself from the picture I thought I took from the one I have taken.

Saturday, September 01, 2007