Wednesday, February 14, 2007

'Love Yourself Day'

In the same way we can create objects, things, art we can create the kind of world we want one step at a time. I want a world were we value ourselves and the friendships we have so I created my own 'Day'. Its worth thinking about what you can do to make things the way you would like them to be.

Post from last year - today will make my own chocolate cake...


Promise to marry yourself and never leave yourself.Buy yourself flowers.Buy your own chocolates (perferably truffles from Plasir Du Chocolat)Do what you wanna do don't wait until you have someone to go with whether to the shops, cinema, theatre, or the Trans Siberian Express (and if you do end up with a partner who doesnt want to go on the Trans Siberian Express and you do for heavens sake GO alone if needs be)Write a to do list - burn it make instead a list of your deepest desires and keep it close much worse to forget them than renewing the insurance.Promise yourself to not to agree to social activities you don't want to do. Make inventive excuses if you can't just say no. If you still can't say no investing in an assertiveness training course probably will be more help to you than a box of chocolates anyway.Adorn yourself with clothes that you love not just made do with.Have a massage if you've never had one.Invest in all your relationships, yes phone/email/write your funny cousin, hell send your friends valentines.Take the day off, leave work early, sit in a cafe with a coffee and watch the world go by.add your own in comments please
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hendrix said...
Luxuriate in a hot bath. Add perfumes, bubbles, candles, rose petals, rubber ducks if you like...and then when its time to get out -leave it for someone else to clean.Set yourself a budget. Now go spend it on brand new art supplies. Not the ones that you need.The ones that you want. Buy some frivolous knickers and wear them to dance round the house in.Make a tape. Remember how you did it when you were a teenager? Do it now. Put on every single song that makes you want to dance. Now play it. Constantly.
9:24 AM
rs said...
Treat yourself to a CD by someone that you haven't heard before -Buy a cake from a very posh cake shop. ( Heart shaped if possible ! - Plaisir du Chocolat can oblige with this one too )Plan a little trip for sometime soon and enjoying deciding where you'll go and what you'll do.Write little notes and leave them under people's windscreen wipers/ plant pots .Smile at everyone today. You'll feel good and people will wonder what your secret is .Oh ,and if your thing is the transiberian railway, take supplies of EVERYTHING. Siberians think that this is a crazy thing to do for fun !
12:48 PM
m said...
I thought the soft class of Siberian Railway had a standard baboska (sp) in the corner of carriage to take care of that stuff?

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pomegrantesandpaper said...

Here's one: take a day off from work to do something you'd never get to: like paint all day, go out to lunch with friends - or by yourself - stay in your jammies and watch old movies.