Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hallam Foe Party EIFF 2007

rainbows and kittens, brown paper parcels

Not quite, I left work on Monday got the bus home and as I walked towards my flat a beautiful rainbow appeared over Leith Links and the football match going on under it. I've just done the bulk of a job which felt like 24 hours a day for two months, actually it was more like 10-12, and the last two weeks without a day off. Occasionally I'd go off and the results were always hideous. So the rainbow was a sign ! A definite sign that I was out the other side. Now I've caught up on my sleep, made roast chicken, talked to the cat, done a load of washing, bought books, written postcards, contemplated the washing up mound and processed some films. Slowly easing back to 'normal' life.

Except that I don't want my normal life at all. Just before this job started I met a friend for a walk and she asked me if I'd teach again in the autumn. And I blurted out 'I don't know if I'll be here.' I stunned myself -I didn't know I was even thinking of leaving but I must have been. I've been thinking the unthinkable. Upending the assumptions about my life and the way it should be - its shocking - I feel a little selfish. And that makes me think I'm on the right track. So my head is buzzing with a million things which seem more pressing than my v lazy day. Visits to 3 bookshops, two cafes, one film screening and picking up some holgas from Happy Snaps.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

great posting here

insane work load eased a bit today. Friend staying, coffee,lunch, dinner with nice people who actually LIKE me feel 100% better.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Learn to create
Unique Handmade Books
workshops Autumn ’07 with Kirsty O’Connor

Paste Papers and Simple Books
We will spend the morning making paste papers, an easy, fun and effective paper decorating technique. In the afternoon we will use them to make some simple and completely unique books.
Sunday 2nd September 10.30am-5pm

Pamphlet Stitch Books –the simplest form of bookbinding. We will make a variety of soft cover books using beautiful handmade papers, embroidery threads, beads, feathers and punches.
Sunday 14th October 11am-5pm

Unique Books as Gifts
Handmade books make delightful gifts. Choose from a range of books to make and lots of lovely paper and trimmings to make them with!
Sunday 11th November 11am-5pm

Cost: £35 per day workshop covers all materials -including a great range of papers and trimmings and refreshments.
Venue: Patriothall Studios, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.
All classes are held in the conducive atmosphere of Kirsty’s studio at Patriothall WASPS. Classes are limited to six participants, so plenty of individual attention is assured. If you have papers you would like to use please bring them.

Please book by sending a deposit of £10 -cheque payable to Kirsty O’Connor- with your name, address, email and which class(es) you’d like to attend to:
Kirsty O’Connor, 15/1 Waverley Park, Edinburgh EH8 8ER

For more information tel: 0131 659 5408 or email:

Kirsty O'Connor
Mixed media artist maker, Kirsty O’Connor, works in clay and paper –making voluptuous pots and unique books. She has a wide range of skills and experience of working in textiles, graphic design and illustration, painting, drawing and community arts.

Her passion for making books started on a course with Eleanor White at Ullapool and has continued with other teachers and through her own exploration. She loves to share what she has learned.
Students find it empowering, satisfying and a lot of fun to create books. From very simple to more complex structures and designs, there is something for everyone from beginner makers to experienced artists.

Besides teaching how to make unique books Kirsty also makes bespoke books for marriages and memorials.

For more information tel: 0131 659 5408 or email:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

secret messages