Thursday, June 30, 2005


I've been trying to upload some lomos of the view from EH1 (RIP) where I met my friend R regularly for some months last year to do the Artists Way together. We met last night at a different hostelry and had a great conversation of which I wish I could remember more!

The salient points were 'taking responsibility' instead of blaming external factors for roadblocks to our art. R is in the middle of a creative form change. I just feel I'm in the middle of a creative stagnant pond. Much of the pond is of my own making and I need to stop creating monsters of bitterness which lurk under it and see the lillypads to make a very long extended metaphor. Which leads me to 'bitterness' and 'bile' of which has been washing over me lately. All to do with a political situation which I became embroiled in quite a long time ago but events seem to have conspired to bring out all the pain/anger/bitterness that was associated with it once again. Of course this situation is harming no one except myself.

R was wonderfully patient listening to my muttery grouches and magically through conversation taking apart the situation and her clear eyed outsider view I could see entirely what harm I was doing to myself and how a practical plan of action to take my attention away from them and instead to direct my attention to my centre, my world, my creativity was needed. By the time we parted were were joking about setting up a new agey workshop for releasing our most bitter and resentful parts of ourselves. We thought a bonfire on a beach, followed by dancing and toasted marshmallows afterwards to remind ourselves of the forgotten sweetness of life should do the trick.


I'm just in the process of moving from one job to another - my upcoming job being much more intense than the one I'm leaving so blogging may become more erratic.

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