Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Instincts and tulips

About 5 years ago I met a person who was very successful and I ended up having a professional connection with them over a creative project. I always had a 'funny feeling' about her. Whenever I met them I felt odd, off centre, something was not quite right and I couldn't identify what it was. I eventually had a great deal of trouble completing this creative project and in order to do so found that I had to remove myself from this person as far as I possibly could.

A few days ago I got some information about this person which confirmed all my instincts that there was something off and odd about them. I had not been imagining anything all this time, I had not been 'jealous' and I had not been making it up. My instincts had been telling me the truth all the time.

The more important question is why don't I listen to the 'still small nagging voice within'. It doesn't always bear bad news - I was once standing in Marks & Spencer trying to decide on the flowers to take as a present to an interviewee. Suddenly and clearly I felt myself self thinking 'I must take the red ones'. When I got to this woman's house her kitchen was acessorised in exactly the same shade of red.

Rather than ally ourselves with outside authorities we (and I) fail to take seriously what we already know but will not give credence to.

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helena said...

why don't I listen to the 'still small nagging voice within'

because usually the small nagging voice within is telling us stuff that either goes against our desire to think of ourselves as a nice person, or what everyone else tells us is common sense...

You're right though. YOu should always listen to the small nagging voice within - especially when it says things we might not want to hear!