Monday, May 16, 2005

| was weeding my patio yesterday

I couldn't find the old screw driver my mom uses to remove the weed roots. And instead I poked about with a fork mostly getting just the leaves off. But I still did it. I thought what the hell when they grow back I'll weed again. Gardening is like housework - it returns. But there was that awful moment when I thought 'if I can't do it right I shouldn't bother doing it' aaaaarrgh Perfectionism rearing is persistent head. Luckily I marched or rather knelt right over it wielding my fork and the place looked a lot better in less than an hour. I left some of the more prized specimens of fox glove as a feature. There are some creative projects which are languishing due to 'not enough time' 'not the right time' vibes which need a bit of what the hell do it anywayness. This is a timely prod.

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helena said...

A weed is only a plant which is growing where you don't want it to grow. Therefore once you decide that you like where a plant is growing then it isn't a weed any more!