Friday, April 08, 2005

3 degrees of separation

Just got an introduction to someone via email in a foreign country for a project I'm working on. And it only went through 3 people. There is a famous study which I can't remember the title which consisted of someone trying to get a package personally to someone in another state (it was done in the US) and the average number of people the package moved through was 6 - hence 6 degrees of separation - and its modern equivalent 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

So asking for things how does it work? You have to be specific and clear and ask as many people that you know. So instead of being all British and self depreciating when you meet an aquaintnace and they ask what you are up to. Tell them and follow up with 'I'm really looking for a Tibetian speaking person to help me subtitle my footage' and with any luck they will remember their flakey friend who disappeared into the Buddist monestry and dig out their contact details and they will hopefully know someone who knows someone. Of course now with the internet and the great god google the world really has shrunk - though a referral through someone always is easier as you come with a kind of stamp of approval.

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