Sunday, April 10, 2005

Knitti Politti

Sister, Can you sapre a square? A 4x4 inch kitted or croched square to be exact. Artist Cat Mazza needs your patricipation in her 'symbolic gesture of awareness and intolerance' against corporate giant Nike's sweatshop abuses. Mazza and her collective are stitching upa a social protest made up of hundreds of orange knitted and crocheted petitions quares to form a huge blanket, comlete with familiar white whoosh, that she expects to deliver to the company by next holiday season. This may seem emphemeral at best, but microRevolt's strategy is based on French philospher Felix Guattari's idea of 'molecular revolutions' where, Mazza explains, 'social change happens through small acts of resistance.'

'MicroRevolt is using knitting as a way of talking about an economic crisis', states Mazza... 'Knitting can be considered a radical practice in a culture so used to buying things,' she explains, 'and knit hobbyists are a meaningful group to mobilize on the sweatshop issue because they understand thelabour process that goes into making a garment.' Knit yourself a place in the political revolution at

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