Thursday, January 11, 2007

Authentic experiences

Its the only way I can describe it. Last night I sunk into the sofa and watched Desperate Housewifes. Afterwards I felt like I'd had a meal packed with artifical additives and E numbers. Not real food at all. What my soul needed was a real uplifting experience. So I left the house about 4.30pm today after teaching. I got the bus to the beach and walked along beside the waves. As I walked the light went, the waves were being blown sideways, the white horses where high, the wind made snakes in the sand and off in the distance I could see the lighthouses twinkle every now and then. The roar was magnificent. I leant against one of the groins and just listened and listened to the elemental eternal noise. I didn't take any photographs it was too dark. After about 30 mins of walking I came back home. I feel that a mass of dust has been cleared off and am determined to not live a second hand life. (Or at least not as much!)

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