Saturday, March 12, 2005

Lists & Living

I made a list last week of about twenty things to do. Some were life maintenance ‘find 0 percent credit card’, friendship maintenance ‘email Susan’, and biz project movement ‘email Iain’, creative project movement ‘find Norwegian Co-production partner’. Anyway I managed to do about 4 items on my to do list. Ordinarily this would plunge me into a gloom of self-beration about my unproductivity. However I’ve decided to take a different tack by treating myself kindly and instead give myself credit for what I have done ontop of a full time job.

So much of our lives are dismissed by ourselves as unproductive or worthless. So I want to honour making several evening meals from scratch, having birthday drinks with a friend who is depressed, finding a lodger and cleaning my flat, having a friend over for a cup of tea, chatting to neighbour in the street for 10 mins, changing library books, meeting a friend for lunch… Even the most ‘unproductive’ weeks contains a lot of ‘living’.

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