Saturday, December 04, 2004

Surviving Christmas

I'm overjoyed as I've decided what will be my 'to me from me' present this year (shsh don't tell). Some years ago I found Christmas much more bearable if you take things in hand and give yourself exactly what you want instead of hoping someone will guess. It takes away the deprived feeling of giving giving giving without gettintg something back. I can't remember where I got the idea from but it might have been from an article in a magazine.

I got my idea for my present from Andrea Scher's Holiday Gift Guide. So I'm getting one of these.

Soulful Holidays for Singles is an article I wrote a few years ago.


Lever said...

Wow - Lomo Kompakt Automat by any chance? (link needed cookies to work correctly I think, otherwise went to Lomo homepage. Well, did for me :) )

I took my digital SLR out of a very cold car the other week, came indoors and the lense misted up... so I took the opportunity to be creative and took a load of shots... until the condensation eventually cleared :(

m said...

No I've already got one of those - would recommend it highly.Small can carry in pocket and take photos as one goes around the day. The Holga is what I've got My Eye On. Never used medium format film so it wil Be An Adventure.