Sunday, October 01, 2006

Embracing Mistakes

Yesterday I got up early, dashed to Woolworths to buy a card and present for a friend's child who was turning 3 that day. I got home wrapped the present, walked to catch the bus and journied across the city. I got off the bus and luckily remememberd the instructions on finding my friend's house (I've only been there once before). As I walked up the street I saw my friend and her daughter outside her house and she said 'Hello what are you doing here?' I'd arrived a day early for the birthday party. So I abandoned the present inside the house, got into the car with them and went to the Morningside 'Festival' which consisted of a few stalls in a street. I bought a cool necklace made out of buttons, a few nice postcards and my friend and I caught up with each other over lunch. It was lovely. My friend it turns out always assumed that her childless friends were busy on a weekend so never arranged to meet any but enjoyed having some adult company. I enjoyed catching up with my friend who I'd last seen 6 months ago. We then ambled through the charity shops of Morningside and then I went to try and do publicity for my classes.

Similarily whenever I go and pick up pictures and they say 'oh they are ruined' at the processor I get more excited as I take the package of photographs. I've learned that this often means more interesting colours or even this rather mysterious picture of double exposures. What is seen as ruined and mistaken is often wonderful.

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