Sunday, September 11, 2005

tomorrow is my birthday

I used to ignore my birthday and drift along expecting 'something to happen' on it. Usually by my poor mother. Now I know this is a ridiculous atttitude to have towards ones birthday. It is up to ourselves to make sure its celebrated in the manner best suited to ourselves.

I've developed a determination that the birthday celebrations should be spread out over several days and that one should TELL people its your birthday. There is no point in not telling people and then having a strop about them forgetting. Let us give up being passive and become active participants in our lives.

So yesterday I went to Glasgow for the day - I did a whole series of activities 'just for me' lunch at the Czech Tea room (yummy moroccan soup) drawing in my notebook, browsing in second hand bookshops, browsing in gifite shops, giving myself full permission to buy magazines at Borders, very expensive cleaning cream at Neal's Yard. Finally I was fitted for two new PRETTY bras. I came home and had dinner with three friends (Roast chicken - sadly its roast chicken weather)watched a documentary with them. Today I'm off to see an exhibition with a friend, then go and have dinner with my parents (my mother has a birthday close to mine) and I've invited 10 friends to join me in watching a film on monday night. I'll go early catch a film before the one I've planned to see with them, have dinner in my favourite Edinburgh cafe inbetween.

All these activities may not be to your taste but they are to mine. Life is too short not to make the most of it.

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Anonymous said...

HI. I read you and like what you have to say. I notice you post many things from other bloggers I read as well; Kotte, Danny Gregory, French Toast Girl, Looby Lu, Dooce, Andrea Scher, Jen Grey. I thought you were male until I read about the new bras! Even after you said you used the pink pink pink loo!! Anyway, thank you for your smart blog.

Shelley Noble,