Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Receipts

I'm still fighting Autumn or the concept of it. This means I'm still wearing sandals and bare feet but throwing a large woolen stole over the top half of me to keep warm.

But I made sausage casserole for lunch and have just put into the oven my favourite oaty apple crumble to take to work later.

Its very easy.

I shoogle out some oats into a pan and add some sunflower oil and cook over a low heat, mixing and then adding a little sugar and spices. Best would be cinnamon, all spice (today all I had was ground ginger). Then I took 4 apples cookers or eaters it doesn't matter. I chopped out the core and roughly chopped them up. I didn't peel them. I recon the peel is fibre and life is to short etc.

I put the chopped apple into an oven proof dish (a deepish one rather than flat) then I spread the oat mixture on top. If I had some slithered almonds I would have added that. Into the oven for about half an hour on a medium heat.


Catherine said...

Unfortunately half our family is allergic to oats - but we do like fruit crumbles, we just make wheat topped ones.
Love the new site, are you going to stop updating this blog?

Anonymous said...

oh dear I've got a couple of friend who are gluten sensitive so they prefer the oaty version.

Yes I'm going to stop updating this blog. I feel weirdly nostalgic - I'm not good at change...


Stonehead said...

Sounds good. I'm just tucking into a wholemeal chocolate muffin for my supper. Or should that be a chocolate wholemeal muffin?