Saturday, August 16, 2008

Regents Canal

Yesterday after meeting a friend for breakfast I walked from Islington to the Thames via the towpath of Regents Canal. It was such a lovely day (I got sunburned my face and neck are all red - gone to Superdrug for sunscreen today). I was able to see narrowboats negotiating locks, single mother moorhens anxiously supervising moorchicks, geese and even some fish in the canal. I saw several groups of kids in canoes - I think various holiday schemes to keep the blighers off the streets and out of mischief. I stopped off in Victoria Park Hackey for coffee and cake before taking up my route. The towers of Canary Warf soon came into view and in Wapping many swish flats made out of former warehouses. It was difficult to find a path along the waterfront as often developments had cut it off. I made it to the Tower (yay ! loos!)and decided that as I'd been walking about 4 hours I could now take a bus along the Strand.

Regents Canal history - linking doodad doesn't seem to be working.

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