Monday, August 18, 2008

house sitting tales

I'm currently in London for a course at SOAS and house sitting for a friend's mother. She left me instructions on how to use the shower - away from the taps ! doorlocking and security and strict instructions not to let Leo-the-cat from next door in as he pees on the beds.

On Saturday I went with a lives-in-London friend to a party in a pub in Battersea. A treck but seeing the amazing 1930's building up close at night was incredible. Mysterious lit trains trunded past this great hulk - which apparently isn't being redeveloped as some rare birds have taken up residence in it.

At the gatecrashed party I spoke to a German woman who was also in London house sitting for her Aunt. Her duties included, waiting for the plumber (4 days) and 1. feeding indoor cats 2. feeding outdoor cats (less expensive cat food) and 3. feeding the local foxes with different food in the garden. Only in Britain !

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