Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a great day yesterday. No really it was so nice catching up with two people I haven't seen for months or just briefly in the park.

After my dinner party last week I realised I was in a rut cooking wise. I bought a packet mix to make Indian Butter Chicken Makhani from the chinese supermarket. I made it last night for my friend S and it was delicious. After checking out google I realise I could easily make it from scratch if I bought a few more spices so I'll stock up on those.

A friend sent me this link in the Guardian about artists trying to balance work/money/creativity.

And my old boss is doing a poetry reading tonight in Edinburgh. If I'm not too tired from seeing the last Yiddish film at the Filmhouse today I'm going to try and make it along.


helena said...

I've got some recipes I brought back from India - I'll send them through if you like.

m said...

oh yes ! I'm going to try and do a meal out of my Claudia Rodin book and possibly a barbeque before the festival. If the weather ever warms up!