Monday, April 14, 2008

Eardley revisited

I wrote about visiting the exhibition with my friend R earlier in the year. I saw her last night and she said that she'd gone to a neighbours house to return a book (in Glasgow) and for some reason she asked if they had seen the exhibition. Not only had they seen the exhibtion but had lent two pictures for it. They are an elderly couple and it turns out that they had met the Sampson children now grown up at the opening and discovered that the painting they had was of one of the brothers who now lives in Australia. They have now been in correspondence with him (they sent a copy of the picture to him) and he's going to visit them when he next visits Glasgow.


Elizabeth said...

how wonderful to have that connection. Do you think you might ever see the pictures in their home? Buying the catalogue is not the same!

m said...

ach ! I saw the exhibition and I'm afraid to say I've been spoiled thoughout my life. I've been very lucky as my great aunt ran an arts salon during the war and afterwards and knew a lot of painters like Anne Redpath and her friends all had very nice collections of Scottish contempoary paintings. So I've been well rewarded visually growing up by seeing fantastic art hanging on people's walls. The only problem being that I now have incredibly high standards I'm afraid. Just on Friday I had to check out a 5 star hotel for work and had a disagreement with my boss and I didn't want to use it on the grounds that the art work they had wasn't up to my standards !

Elizabeth said...

Lucky you! I regularly see friends in Colinton who have contemporary art from Redpath to Vetriano so I get that thrill too, though, being English I prefer Klee and Miro!! It is nice to be able to touch, though.