Tuesday, November 06, 2007

gloomy gray day

Post Guy Fawkes (last night the local teenagers were letting off rockets in park, creating bonfires and using shopping trolleys from Scotmid to transport burning flames of a don't know what) Observed for a while then decided to skedaddle home as I was sure I'd end up witnessing some terrible accident.

The gray makes me feel I should count my blessings.

I've paid my vast library fine ! I can now take out books !

Bread rising in the kitchen as I type.

Washing in machine being cleaned.

I scored two £5 tickets to London in January so I can see my niece and have something to look forward to after Christmas. Even better my trip will co-incide with R's trip to a conference so we can have madcap photographic London adventures.

I'm going to Glasgow tomorrow - so I can visit the magazine section of Borders (almost all my current students put this down as an artist date last week!)

There are cute ferrets at Cuteoverload and an account of Kaffe Fassett lecturing at Mason Dixon.

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