Sunday, July 08, 2007

you grow girl

great inspirational website for would be gardeners - based in Canada so UK gardeners might need to compensate for local conditions. Thinking of getting some tomoato plants or spinach I have a sudden yearning to become more self sufficient in something more than rosemary.


helena said...

spinach is fiddly to grow. But toms are a good one. Get the dwarf varieties, there's one called moneyspinner (or moneysomething) which is dead easy to grow and usually delivers fruit right up until October if you keep it in sunny enough place. (might be a bit late to plant them though...)

You could also try growing beetroot as the leaves are gorgeous in salad and you can cut them while the rest of the root is developing.

Salad leaves are good for that too and will grow in pots or in baskets. Try Thompsons mixed salad seeds that's what mum uses.

Alternatively have you thought of widening the type of herbs you can grow most of them fairly successfully in pots...
Basil is a good one, as is sage. Thyme can be a bit tricky, parsley will grow but needs quite a rich soil. Coriander I've never had much success with, I think it needs quite a bit of warmth.

Catmint grows everywhere and will put up with all sorts of abuse (and Freda will love you forever if you grow it) It's also really pretty.

As well as tomatoes I've successfully managed to grow peppers from seeds I've scraped from bought ones into a pot while I've been chopping up the fruit. They don't grow big, but you get quite a few small ones and they taste wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I love your writing, and your photos. You have inspired me to buy a Holga. Can you recommend any good places in south east/west Scotland to develop the films? It would be great if maybe you could let me/others know in this comments box.

Thanks, Julie