Sunday, July 15, 2007

cross week

I mean I'm cross about everything.

I'm cross about not having a proper chair at work so I spent most of Sat in bed with my back in agony.

I'm cross that the lodger doesn't turn things upside down when they are washed so they dry.

I'm even crosser that he uses up my onions so I can't make my dinner.

I'm really cross when he tells me after my day in agony that I shouldn't stay in bed because it will 'depress me'. I'll be fekking depressed if I want to.


helena said...

Got the number of a really good osteopath if you need one!

You be cross. Be depressed. Be extremely cross and depressed. There's nothing more cheering than spending a day being crossed and depressed. Might I suggest (once the back feels a bit better) some stomping too? Maybe a bit of smashing? Definitely some violent muttering seems to be called for here. There's no point in being cross unless everyone knows just how cross you are.

Anonymous said...

I might need it - going into work at 8ish tomrrow so hope to STEAL a chair ... I've got even more things to be cross about which I'll not blog... email to youlater

Loretta said...

You MUST get a good office chair. Bring a pillow and then lobby for a new one! It will make your life miserable to suffer with the wrong chair and a backache.

Tell the lodger to get his own veggies!