Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

I did go out adventuring and saw it over Portobello. I sat perched for a while on a groin watching it. Very red over the city. I took a few photos but I'm pretty sure they won't come out.

However it was wonderful sitting there listening to the surf pound the beach. Like an eternal heartbeat, then in the distance the lighthouses in the dark, the lights in Fife, the flares from Grangemouth.

Just before I left to get the bus I had a 'can I be bothered moment'. However I stood quite a while waiting for a bus (I didn't time things quite right). As I stood there I thought I saw a cat cross the road. It was actually a fox. He/she passed less than 4 foot away from me and trotted across the Links into the dark. I would have missed all that if I'd not roused myself.

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