Monday, March 05, 2007

Knitting again

or at least sewing up a bunch of squares I'd made of this pattern to make a baby blanket for the new niece. I'd began to suffer a 'fear of finishing' - do other knitters have this problem? So I invited L to an impromptu Stitch and Bitch to get over it. We laid out the squares on my kitchen table. Rearranging them to get the best effect. Got out out needle and thread and ate cake and got to work. L left before it was finished but I did the last few seams while watching TV. I have to say it looks pretty damn good. I took it to my mom today to transport to niece and she will crochet a border tonight. I've taken a photo and hope it comes out because 'eat your heart out Kaffe Fassett!'


Made me wonder if there are any other situations where asking for someone to do something alongside you would help? Quilting and sewing bees are traditional. But what about taxathons? Swapping gardening. I've had a friend report swapping about to help out in decluttering. I'm sure there are creative situations which could be helped out as well especially the fear of starting. Sometimes it helps to phone someone or email and say 'I'm starting X - wish me luck' and then to check in again afterwards.

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Susanne said...

I suffer from "fear of finishing" in everything I do. I found that telling somebody that I want to finish something and then report when I've done it helps.

Some other thing that helped me tremendously was that I relized that everything I considered to be "almost finished" in fact was only half done. So of course I dreaded to do the rest because it was so much more than I thought.

Nowadays I try to just keep on doing a little bit at a time until I realize that it is done.