Sunday, July 18, 2004

Lomo down under
One of the things I did was indulge my photography habit. I took about 12 rolls over the month I was away. I've processed 8 so far with 2 coming back blank - its always a bit of a lomo lottery. I'm beginning to understand more of its foibles - one of them being winding on. About 2/3rds of the way through my trip the front part of my camera became seriously shoogly and loose and the shutter started to stick and I was manually opening it. I went online and found Just Shoot the centre of the Australian Lomographic Society and Lomo Shop. I wrote down the address and thought it would be an epic journey to find it (I'm map reading impaired). Then one evening I passed the shop - sychronicity ! It was infact a bare 25 mins walk from my hostel. But it had slightly odd opening hours.... However I managed to go there show a lovely woman called Karen the appalling state of my Lomo. She gave me gratis 2 special Lomo screws and the address of Five Star Repairs in the State Theatre Building and told me to tell them she'd sent me.

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