Friday, September 12, 2008

I have a confession

You know how everybody has a compulsion? At least I think everyone does. Faced with one situation one person will light up a cigarette, always find the worst possible outcome, or cheerfully refuse to take responsiblilty.

Well my compulsion is when I talk to someone and find out that they have a dream is to make them make it happen. I know its up to them but really it kills me to see so many people not doing what will make them happy I ingnore the 'its up to them' bit and launch into helpful suggestion mode.

So back at my work-for-money job and talking across the desk find one other long term telephoneist desperate for a change with an empty nest and living an hour away from Edinburgh. I urge her to look into a council house swap to something closer. The bloke beside me I move onto and interrogate (especially since I'm mildy horrified that he's still here 5 months on from when I last was here). He eventually confesses that what he'd really like to be is a ..... taxidermist. A product of a childhood with a grannie who made blankets out of bunny fur amongst other things. Anyway he needs some kind of HND in Animal Anatomy to get full membership of the Guild of British Taxidermists and I'm immediately on the case. Scottish Agricultural College? Google it I encourage. It would not be impossible to mix a part time course and the job-for-money (the shift system is very flexible). Hummm its too late to think I'll change I'll just have to accept that this is part of my make up.

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