Tuesday, September 16, 2008

coffee & rain

This picture is from Nextbook a really interesting online magazine I found on my excessive surfing. Its u tterly miserable and wet and gray here so anxious to post a nice bright cheerful image this morning ie not one of my holgas !
Yesterday the prayers failed as I got closer to Glasgow it got wetter. I'd hoped to post 9 parcels in Edinburgh before I got the train but as I got to the post office I found it shut due to an Edinburgh bank holiday. So I hauled my bag to the west and to my relief the post office was open there. So £12 later I was able to walk unencumbered.
I had lunch at the Lighthouse and as I was sitting there drew the salt & pepper and little pot of chunky sugar cubes in my journal. I've got to draw more - more bad drawings please!
Then I went up to the viewing platform which was a bit gray for photographs. Walked to view a room for teaching in. Then took the underground to Kelvinbridge. When in the train there was an ad for a fairtrade coffee/clothes shop near the underground so I made an effort to find it. Its down off the main road in Bank St. I had to take a photograph of the frontage! I love the name - 'stop being bolshie' is often said to young feisty women. Unfortuantly after spending money on slide medium format film I was down to my last £3 and had a scone and coffee. But I'd have loved to have got a couple of 'Bolshie' hemp bags. I'll go back some time. They seem to do fun events as well like knitting workshops so worth checking out if you live in the area.
By the time I'd had my scone and coffee it was time to make my way over the hill to Byres Road to meet my friend. We had an early supper in a deli/cafe which I can't remember the name of. This was good so I was able to get the 10pm train back to Edinburgh, and early enough not to have to splash out on a taxi. I bought a New Yorker to read on the train which I hadn't read for a while and it was great. Really interesting coverage of the Republican Convention and China.

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