Friday, August 01, 2008

Women artists forging ahead

Saw Loving Burns last night at the Roxburghe - a beautiful play, written, directed and performed by Alicia Devine. Tickets tonight are still the half price previews so if you go down today only £4.50 at 5.30pm.

Tomorrow Sat is also the last day to catch Perpetua Pope's exhibition at The Scottish Gallery.  92 and still painting and gardening. Until about 10 years ago in addition to painting she created and tended three gardens. I'm sure that being creative in multiple ways has helped her keep on painting and developing as an artist.

Walking back from the play last night - a sort of tropical downpour - very odd weather ! With a former student, she has been tremendously stuck in her career for a number of reasons but after taking up a Tai Chi class from a notice at a local supermarket feels released and not only more open to change but some interesting paid opportunities came into her work life.

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