Sunday, August 31, 2008

Duke Ellington's Collages & an invitation

I love collaging. Best way to recyle magazines. I always have at least one collage session when I teach the Artist's Way. Its the quickest way to create something unique without the whole hideous 'But I can't even draw a straight line?' nonsense (what makes you think straight lines are interesting anyway ? better to take a line on a long meandering walk).

I was in WordPower Bookshop picking up my copy of Life is a Verb on Thursday when I started to leaf through The Paris Review which had reproductions of Duke Ellington's collages. Not only was he a world class jazz muscian but spent his time decorating his tape boxes (I presume big reel to reels) with his own visual creations.

Which gets me thinking about my post below - is anyone interested in doing a travelling journal illustrated/collaged via 1001 Journals ?

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Anonymous said...

So fascinating to find out about this "other side" to Duke Ellington. What an amazing collection to see.