Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Today there wasn't enough work in the office so instead of surfing aimlessly or worse checking out facebook I went to personnel and suggested we have an afternoon off and come back when the work was more plentiful. Some how on the way into town towards lunch H suggested this place she had read about in the Times. Yes ! I remembered the same article - indeed I'd remembered his original venture Pierre Victoire. I knew were it was located so we marched down there. Avoiding Paperchase (its just about the dream of being organised I realise - expensively). It was a simply lovely day in Edinburgh. We got to Chez Pierre about 1.45 nabbed a window table immediately went over the £6 fixed budget by opting for a glass of wine each. Oh but it was delish. Ravenous we hardly spoke at all. My rose so fruity and fresh I'm afraid that I drunk it rather quickly. And as I rarely drink at all got quite tipsy in no time at all. We began to expand on the subject of our various businesses and career adventures. I'm waiting for something to come off or not (currently not) I'm an impatient woman. Despairing slightly (ok ok I was tipsy). If this did not come off then I would have to do that etc etc. A note book was produced a calculator - tipsy calculations were made. Then they were abandoned as a friends' mother spied us in the window and she came in and had a class of wine. Much merriment. Then we finally left at 4.30. A very French meal I thought later. And even later realised helped me to just chill out about the something. If one thing happens it happens if not, not. In the meanwhile I want to hold onto the intention that the kind of work life I want includes 2 1/2 hour plus lunches.

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