Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Post Cooking Thoughts

I've been in a rut cooking wise for a long time, which is why its been such a great thing to try something different. Using ingredients I'd never normally buy and even to start going to new food shops (Fruit Heaven).

It sounds horribly simplistic but when wrestling with knotted problems in life we tend to see them in the same light black/white good/bad right/wrong and then in dealing with the problem our thoughts travel in the same unproductive lines over and over. Somehow by trying something new in a different area of life my mind starts over makes new neural pathways and I start to think maybe the solution is not this or that but this and that. And maybe I should relax stop racing ahead so much and freaking out over what might be when I don't know what it will be anyway. Yes just try and stay in the now.

Do instead of stewing over a problem - make a stew ! or a Moroccan tangine.

Weirdly enough since my cooking outburst I've had a yen to repaint my flat outrageous colours, take up quilting and start a publishing firm. Cooking can be dangerous ! or rambling or learning a hobby or exploring a part of the city you've never been to before. Take off do something different go on a tangent and perhaps that will help out more.


helena said...

You're absolutely right - if we do the same things in the same way then we get the same (or as near as dammit) thoughts.

In a way my big clear out (three rooms and the hall closet down, one room and the small bathroom to go) is having the same effect as your stew - getting rid of what wasn't beautiful, sentimental or useful has given me not only space in the apartment, but room inside my head. It's almost as if while I was physically sorting, cleaning and arranging was going on my brain was going through the same process. (In fact that's exactly what's happenning).

Take up quilting(you have a fabulous eye for colour and if you can deal with the complexities of knitting then quilting will be a breeze), paint your flat in outrageous colours (if you don't like it you can always paint over it). Act upon these thoughts because from the small step of trying something different, you've given your brain a chance to tell you what it needs to do (and change) in order to keep changing and coming up with new solutions.

m said...

Yes ! I'm itching to take up clothes from charity shops and remake them into quilts. Perhaps even by machine - I hand pieced patchwork as a child/teenager.

I agree that chucking out has a similar effect hence leaving Sunday my day to start the process.

helena said...

You can pick up an old singer sewing machine for about 20 quid and it makes a nice compromise between machine/hand sewing (plus turning the wheel by hand means it won't run away with you like an electric sewing machine might!)

Good luck on the clearing out - the thought is always worse than the actuality (well almost always worse!).