Sunday, July 27, 2008

All Hail Summer Fruit

Yesterday I made a special effort to visit Fruit Heaven a local fruit and veg shop instead of my local supermarkets. I bought punnets of strawberries, raspberries and courgettes, tomatoes, cherries and an artichoke all for £8. I hauled home my supplies and made summer pudding last night while watching Foyles War. Lodger reported that the stewing fruit could be smelled out in the street. With dollops of sheeps milk yoghurt it is simply divine. I've been defrosting my fridge a major effort so am using up supplies while it defrosts. I am going to make a goats cheese fritata with my tomatoes and courgettes for later.

Summer pudding really is the taste of summer. I can't belive that this weekend is nearly over. I went out to meet a friend for breakfast and was 45 mins late due to oversleeping and failing to put my alarm on. But I walked half way home to Leith down the High St so feel I've managed to get some exercise in on a beautiful sunny day.

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