Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ghost Bikes

I'm so glad that I've restarted my organic box. I'm a bit overwhelmed by veg as they delivered two weeks in a row but I've contacted them and it will go to everyother week to give me a bit of a breather to use it all up.

Tonight I'm making Leak and Potato soup with Sunflower loaf as a side to be followed by Rubarb and Apple Cumble.

Full time work is really using up my time and energy. I did a few errands today came home and had to have a rest!

I tried to swim on Friday but C and I had got completely befuddled with the opening times of the Vicky Baths in Leith. So instead we hopped on a bus to Porty (collectively whinging about our jobs) and walked by the shore. Quite blustery with lots of white horses. We then had fish and chips - yum!

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Wow...I am impressed by your cooking efforts. :-)