Sunday, April 20, 2008

Knitted up my ravelled mind by a) walking on the beach which was suitably stormy which suited my mood no end b) made bagels from scratch.

I feel knackered this cold is dragging on and on and on... however on Friday went to see Shine a Light the Scorsese documentary about the Rolling Stones. It turned out to be more a concert film than doc - though I loved the occasional archive interludes. It was fabulous I was glued to my seat the entire time. I was really bowled over by seeing Mick Jagger perform. Amazing. I'm about 20 years younger and couldn't keep up. What it did make me think was that we should all go off and do what we have a passion for (whether we get paid for it or not) because it makes us alive! open! interesting! and obviously keeps us in better health. I know this but I need to be reminded. Just last week my parents took a 91 year old painter and gardner to lunch. She still paints and gardens at 91 and is in great health, totally mentally on the ball. And I'm sure its being engaged in these two creative acts which have allowed her to carry on being an active creative person.

I then went to meet my friend B for dinner afterwards. Her amazing entreprenurial can do spirit was a good kick up the pants for me. Oh and having lunch with H during the day as well. Thank you both of you. I'm percolating ideas in the tiny tired brain now.

Must go and do over due housework and find Rolling Stones CD.

Bonus: FREAK FLEE REGRESS - or the other Eat Pray Love

Things I have Learned in my Life

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helena said...

We all need to be reminded! I find that playing stuff like the Rolling Stones when I'm working drowns out those derisive self-censoring voices in my head and gets the energy levels up...(which is always a good thing)

Lovely to see you on Friday. I'm now having thoughts about postcards for you...