Friday, April 11, 2008

cough cough

4th day off work and at home trying to get better. Its not working so far - I'm getting bored and frustrated being at home and frankly - lonely. I broke out yesterday to go to the library and the supermarket. The Michael Pollen book In Defense of Food I'd ordered had come in. Yay 60p to order and costs £16.95 new. Excellent read by the way I now want to buy a copy to press into the hands of friends. And I will start my organic box delivery again in May. I've been online far too much and every now and again phone up friends to annoy them. I thought I'd got over being alone and now realise of course thats just because normally I've very occupied and not alone ! Duh!

In the meanwhile cool links The Art of Nonconformity and Ghostschool.

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