Tuesday, April 01, 2008

After many months I managed to meet my friend L at Sophies bar for the pub knitting. The endless toil of baby blanket for me and a hat for her and plunged into the ills of the world. (Edinburgh is being destroyed by a crazed council hell bent on removing all the trees, foisting a 7 year plan for trams, selling off prime real estate for a pittance - ME. HER equalities down the pan in Scotland and getting worse as fast as the statistics can be compiled). However we were the only knitters .... quelle pub knitters?
Small spark of hope on the horizon - one baby blanket down 2 to go. The first one is at the outsourced finishing collective ie mother for a crochet border. The original blanket which was made for The Cutest Neice Ever (TM) was being used this weekend to turn her into a Blanket Monster. Blanket covering small child instantly turns said child into a Blanket Monster...
Tomorrow I go to Glasgow. I think I'll splash out on more film.
Picture from Carol Hummer

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