Saturday, March 01, 2008

knitting recipe

For the blanket recipe

see picture below a few entries

Cast on 89 stitches.

Next row knit two together, then knit 19, knit 3 together repeat until end of row and then knit two stitches together.

Knit next row.

Knit two together, then knit 17, knit 3 together repeat until end of row then knit two stitche together

knit next row.

Change colour

Same as above but knit 15 along.

All the time each second row reduce the knitting by 2 stitches, soon you will see the 'corners' of the square develop. Change colour every 4 rows. Once you are knitting only one stitch inbetween the 3 stitches knitted together, knit three stitches together x 3 and then knit the last 3 together and cast off. Sew up the seam with the tail from casting on.

I have decided that once my first baby blanket is finished to graduate to bigger needles so my next blanket is quicker.

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Anonymous said...

Hurray ! Thanks for that! No baby due for anyone that I know yet, but if I start now I'll have a headstart !

R x