Tuesday, February 12, 2008

out of the mist

Edinburgh was wreathed in mist when I got back on Sunday - it hung about on Monday. I went for a walk at the beach and it was strange not being able to see the far shore - but I saw a seal ! only the second in 8 years of going there.

Went to a women & business networking event - much much more interesting than I thought it would be tonight. Thank you H!

Got a good idea for marketing my classes from a woman I spoke to afterwards - thank you unknown lady !

Just shows its really good to push out of those comfortable ruts we line with duvets.

1 comment:

helena said...

Yes I quite enjoyed it too - I think! Of course buying shoes in the sale directly before that may have had something to do with my good mood as did seeing you!

I think I'll probably/definitely be going to the next one too!