Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sunshine !

I walked across the park in the dry and light and felt so much better.

I did one of my resolutions last night for this year. I emailed all my friends and asked when their birthdays were and wrote the replies down in my diary. We don't do nearly enough celebrating. I forget these things very easily. Though one friend very kindy said that I was good at the 'random present' thoughout the year!

Meeting tonight to try and save the old town of Edinburgh from hideous development - 7pm Old St Pauls Church Jeffrey St.

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helena said...

you aren't just good at the randowm presents - you're superlative at them. So many times the clunk of the mail on the doormat has not brought the stomach churning bills but a bar of gorgeous chocolate, jasmine tea bags and a beautifully thought of postcard (all of which I've kept by the way)...all from you and all extremely appreciated (for the thought behind the action and not just the action)...
Honestly M it only takes organisation to remember someones birthday. It takes a massively big heart to remember someone during the rest of the year!