Thursday, January 24, 2008

London Trip II

Just back last night I had a wonderful time. Highlights include the Denis Severs House in Spitalfields. £12 entry but worth it. I'd hoped to make my acquaintance with Verde again but I arrived too late and they were shutting up shop.

I met my friend R in London on Tuesday - she was at a photography conference in the big smoke at the same time as me. We met at the Photographers Gallery - 2 really interesting FREE exhibitions there. The Harry Price photies are really weird. Afterwards I marched her to Foyles to have lunch and we nipped to their photography book section. Then to Chinatown to take photos, nipped up to Libertys for old timesake, then back down towards Foyles and she went off to her friends place at Watford and I went to the Hari Krishna restaurant in Soho St just off Soho Square to meet a friend - the small Thali is a very reasonable £4.95 for dinner and vegie/vegan. Then friend insisted on a trip to Top Shop in Oxford St to find jeans. If going to London with a youngish person this flagship store is a must - includes dog fashions and vintage but hell mend you if you are over size 14.

Other highlights include Meade St - pretty 18th C houses in Soho with ominous plaques bolted to door 'There are no Prostitutes here'. A bench dedicated to Kirsty Macoll in Soho Square. Oh and I saw Peter Davidson outside Cambridge and Julian Barrett of The Mighty Boosh in Swaines Lane - he seemed to have been playing tennis on Parliament Hill - how bourgeois...

Also went to Berwick Silks to get proper silk velvet for a scarf.

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what a lovely link to the house never heard of him