Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've just been to see the Joan Eardley exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy There were beautiful illustrated letters and a sketchbook on display but I can't find images for them. It was great seeing her work out on display in rooms in a mass. I've seen a lot of her work over the years. She is a great favourite of my mother's and I've also been lucky to see a few works in private collections never shown publicly. She died tragically in her early 40's but racked up an impressive body of work including huge seascapes done en plein air.
Naturally what one does in a lifetime is really pressing on my mind at the moment. What to do myself in the next stage of my life etc etc. I saw two friends today and visited kittens yesterday - I'm anxious to spend time with the living and those I care about.
On my way between friends this evening I bumped into an ex student and told him of my friend's death. He was so kind and has promised to get the monks at Same Ling to pray for her. She was slightly Buddhist minded and certainly very interested in Buddhist ideas so this feels entirely right.

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