Monday, December 31, 2007

eye shopping to the max

'Eye Shopping' is what my grandmother's maid Rosie called it. A friend of mine was regailing me with a 1 million pound shopping trip she organised before christmas. The aim was to spend a million pounds in one day on things that could be taken away on the day (no multiples allowed). She set off with a photographer, model and journalist - this was of course for an article not for real - and set out to spend spend spend. They splashed out on a £5000 Christian Dior outfit. £95,000 Raeburn bust, a ferrari, a £25,000 sailing boat, a mere £15,000 on hiring this hotel in its entirely for friends to stay over for dinner for one night (peacocks and highland cows thrown in gratis). My friend was begging them to increase the bill by putting more expensive wine on it.... in the end they only managed £920,000 in a day. They missed out she said by failing to get a motorbike. When she told us this story of the million pound day over Christmas lunch we of course leapt in with what we would have bought first class round the world ticket, Anne Redpath paintings by the dozen, a vast order at Raeburn Fine Wines. This kept us amused for simply ages.

I do think that the pleasure of thinking about what we would spend the money on theoretically was probably near equal to having actually having spent the money on it. The pleasure of having bought something evaporates quite quickly but the pleasures for example of ending up with an experince last longer.

I did spend £9.37 on wool today to go towards making a blanket for a knocked up cousin. I'm aiming for something like a wooly heirloom which will do the infant into adulthood. I have to do some serious knitting in the next few months.

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