Friday, December 21, 2007

behind all around

Normally by now I've decided on my Christmas card design even if I send them after christmas, decided my 'to me from me' present. But due to starting a job last week I've (gasp) bought cards ... I'm behind with my shopping and have no idea what I'm going to buy myself. It might be new cashmere gloves (though I'm desperate for a new alarm clock !), or even process a few films out of the hundreds knocking about the place. A friend is passing through Edinburgh so I'm meeting her for brunch tomorrow and hoping to get on with things.

I did make truffles though - I'm a newbie at truffles and they seem quite successful so a few more might be made before the new year.

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helena said...

An alarm clock is not (repeat) not a present!! You wouldn't buy one as a present for anyone else so why get one for yourself!!

Neither does processing films count as a present! I can understand why it might - budgetary constraints and the price of processing mean that (like buying art supplies) it's something we tend to put off. But as a filmmaker and an artist (yes you M), processing films counts as a day to day expenditure. Make a solstice resolution - one film a week to be processed throughout the year (or alternatively sign up for a course in film processing - it might well work out cheaper!)

Cashmere gloves I'm sort of ok with you buying for yourself although I think you should go the whole hog and buy yourself a cashmere sweater (well, the sales have started!).

Presents should be something the person would love but would never in a million years buy for themselves... I think that's doubly true if you're buying for yourself!