Saturday, October 13, 2007

Yellow Cat

A few days ago my Polish lodger announced "I was very hot last night. I woke up and found a yellow cat sleeping on my bed."

"Marmalade" I interjected - I've got to keep him uptodate with idioms.

The resident cat Frida is an all velvet black girl.

"It must have got in through the window. I woke it up and it just looked at me as if to say 'I'm quite comfortable thanks - why are are you disturbling me?'"

Yesterday I found the 'yellow' cat in my kitchen on the counter behind the sink surveying life out of my kitchen window. Miss Frida was most unimpressed.

I asked if he was cold and wanted the heating on. He said he would be fine if the yellow cat came to sleep.

1 comment:

helena said...

Ah what a nice lodger...
Sounds like you've been adopted M... either that or Frida has an admirer!