Sunday, June 03, 2007

post braai

(Braai= South African for barbecue)

Diego cat has gone to the great Cat Basket in the Sky. I'd meant and meant to have a birthday party for him and his sister so with his untimely demise I eventually got myself into gear and sent out invites about a week ago via email and even via mail mail. Shopped yesterday (thank you C for your kind help in lugging back the booty and for the Pimms).

Then I got up this morning made a birthday cake for the remaining feline, cleaned, made salads, moved furniture. Directed the lodger to get more charcoal. And then wished I hadn't started the whole shebang. About 1.30 if nobody turned up (apart from being overwhelmed by a feeling that nobody loves/cares for me) I would have been relieved. Then by mid afternoon the garden was packed, small children were dashing around the house. Frida cat had escaped to the furthest furthest branch of the wild cherry tree to escape, my friend Katty had thank god briskly taken over the task of burning sausages. By late afternoon the rain had started (the dodgy weather we have had this week can squarely be blamed on me for outrageously wanting to have a braai at all in Scotland ) We huddled under the tree with umbrellas eventually giving up an hour later and fleeing to the kitchen. Wee Joe had decided that noisy cat toys are fab and he went off clutching two examples. The last guest left at 7.30. Glasses are waiting to be washed up. But I'm so glad that I made the effort even with that sinking pre event feeling - its so worth riding through it to the good stuff. People reconnecting, having passionate conversations, parents just having a break, emails being exchanged, making connections. We are connected people but we have to work at it give our selves places to be connected. It was good I hope to do it before the end of the year. And I hope I don't influence the weather so disastrously next time.


helena said...

sounds like a great party. Sorry we were wrestling with computers and so couldn't make it. Promise to come to the next one!

Anonymous said...

Can't remember the last time I enjoyed a party so much!