Sunday, June 24, 2007

Last night just after midnight we set off across the woods to visit the standing stones. It was raining (in fact its been raining for three days and shows no sign of stopping). We scrambled up an embankment with sticks cracking and small leaves squishing from the beech trees. A small diversion as we got lost, no streetlights, sadly no sighting of badgers and we were there. Huge slabs of stone surrounded by pine trees. Orginally highly polished with fires going inbetween each stone with the mica glittering. One lying with two posts at each end - a frame to see the moon rise. Amazing. I did take photots with the holga on a fast film but no idea of any of them will come out. Now back home coffee on stove to try and get the chill out of my bones.

Scottish Megaracks - megalithic anoracks

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I love standing stones, didn't know about these ones, will put them on my list!