Sunday, June 10, 2007

Can you help?

Can you keep an eye out for David, he is very charming and a great worry he's missing and also if you could email any Edinburgh friends, particularly those in the Leith area, that would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Begin forwarded message:
Hi everybody
I am sending out this e-mail to everybody I have an e-mail address for, in the hope that somebody might be able to help.

My dearest friend David Hopps is missing. I last spoke to him on Thursday 31th May, and nobody has heard from him since Fiday 1st June.

Many of you will already know David, and will not need to see a picture of this very disctinctive man. For those of you who do not know David, please take the time to look at his picture, and let me know if you have seen him since last Thursday. He is very distninctive, very English. He is a real gentleman, and stands out in a crowd. This gives me hope that even if you do not know David, if you have seen him in the last week, you might recall him. David lives in Leith, but is often around town. One of has favourite past-times is sketching, and can often be seen sketching historic buildings. Please let me know if you see David. I know this sounds very cheeky, but it would be so fantastic if you could forward this e-mail to your friends and aquaintences who are in the Edinburgh area, in the hope that it may jog somebodys memory. I am beside myself with worry, as are his other friends, and so very much appreciate your time

Thanks so much for your time. You can call me on my mobile any time, 07748 858892, or my home number 0131 622 0042..

With very best wishes,

Sue Thompson

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