Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Lives of Others

I went last night to see this film. Its about the power of art to change people despite living in intollerable situations. I was very moved by it. I met my friend in the South African cafe Ndbele which is just oppostite the cinema - perhaps the reminder of my childhood in another authoritarian state overlaid my response to the film. Here is an interview with the director.

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Andrea said...

Hi m,
Found you site and really liked this post and the interview on The Lives of Others. The part where he mentions that Lenin can't listen to Beethoven because it makes him soft and then he can not kill people...that line sent my head spinning. It gives me chills. It is a really profound statement about the power of art to remind us about the emotional truth and our humanness. But the other side of the statement that gave me chills is that Lenin could turn his back on that.

I do have to disagree with the director when he says that the UK is not susceptible to ideology. I think in order to spread colonialism and to have the suppression of the Irish state as part of British history that means that people must have been following or susceptible to some ideology or belief system.