Tuesday, February 27, 2007

one is an aunt!

9.40am yesterday. I've googled for info about being a good aunt and they internet failed to provide me with any guidance though I did find a blog for 'Aunt Mary.'

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helena said...

Well I'm not an aunt but I am a godmother (and an adopted godmother)but I reckon the principles the same. Just remember these main rules and you'll be fine.

1. Be unsuitable. The more unsuitable the better. Promote unsuitability of dress, attitude, ambitions and anything else that the parents are desperately trying to curtail. NB, this is incredibly difficult to do if the parents are free thinking but if that's the case then you'll just have to try harder.

2. Glitter, glitter and more glitter. This is a very important part of aunting. The more glitter you can gift on your niece the better. Basically christmas/birthday/easter/any presents must be of the sort to make magpies flock for miles around. If it has glitter and feathers so much the better.

3. Presents. Shower your niece with gifts (remembering of course the unsuitability and glitter rules above). Also, as your niece grows older remember that cash is always in short supply so perfect the art of passing over a crisp banknote as soon as the parents aren't looking.

4. Listen. To everything they say. They might just surprise you.

5. Enjoy their company. My goddaughters are magic and I love them to bits. Spending time with them is a joy, a privilege and ten times better for me than any spa treatment (and as they get older they'll be quite prepared to give you spa treatments - so, as long as you don't mind glittery nail varnish you do get some good out of it).

Congratulations !